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Is a green card a valid ID for buying alcohol and cigarettes?

In Louisiana, a gas station just rejected my green card saying that a green card does not constitute an ID in Louisiana for buying alcohol and cigarettes. I was told I needed my passport. My green card has my picture, DOB, fingerprint, and in the background there is a department of Homeland security logo. I have no idea why it should not constitute as an ID. Usually I have no problems with this ID, but it was this one time, and so my question is: can my green card legitimately be used as an ID for the purchase of Alcohol and cigarettes? I am having trouble locating the answer on Google.

Answer By Floyd Fernandez
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I got your message and am happy to answer. Somebody in the gas station is an idiot. Your green card is an absolutely appropriate ID for obtaining food or alcohol products just about anywhere. Your green card recognizes you as a permanent legal resident in the USA, and is certainly a much more reliable indicator of residency than a foreign passport. This fool (given
that it was Louisiana) is probably a racist, and is subjecting himself and his store to a discrimination lawsuit under U.S. and Louisiana civil rights law. If you live around there, go back, challenge him, tell him what I said, and that if he refuses you service again, you will call the police and file a lawsuit. Businesses have been shut down with civil rights commission orders. Don't take their racist crap.

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Replied: 12/7/2010

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Why, yes, of course; why should one Louisiana gas station attendant be able to decide otherwise one time when hundreds of other such merchants have apparently already rendered their collective verdict affirmatively on the matter? M

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Replied: 11/15/2010

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