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Can I be sued by a law firm representing a credit card company for debt?

Can I be sued by a law firm representing a credit card company for a 1500.00 debt.

Answer By Kevin Heupel
Heupel Law
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Certainly. It is common for credit card companies to sell the debt to a collection company and it is legal.

Answer Applies to: Colorado
Replied: 8/26/2011

Mercado & Hartung, PLLC
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yes, creditors use collection law firms to proceed with collection

Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 8/10/2011

Answer By Eric Benzer
Eric J. Benzer, Attorney at Law
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Answer Applies to: Maryland
Replied: 8/6/2011

Answer By Cate Eranthe
Eranthe Law Firm
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Yes. These are routinely filed. If you receive a summons, you have 30 days to respond. If you respond and deny the complaint, the credit card company must prove that you owe the money. If you ignore the summons and complaint they will take a default judgment. After they have a judgment they can obtain a writ. The writ is sent to the a levying officer, usually the sheriff, who will go after bank accounts, record liens, garnish wages, etc. A judgment lasts for 7 years and can be renewed forever, 7 years at a time until paid.

Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/5/2011

Answer By Edward Port
The Port Law Firm
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The answer is yes. The only way for a creditor other than an individual to file a lawsuit against you, the creditor must hire an attorney. The attorney must have the appropriate documentation supplied by the creditor in order to succeed. In Florida, please note that if the creditor does succeed a judgment could be entered against you. This is a document signed by a judge that reflects an amount of money that you owe the creditor. With this judgment your wages may be garnished and your bank accounts may be frozen. You should seek professional advice if you have been served with a lawsuit. Sincerely, Edward N. Port DISCLAIMER The information in this reply does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon for any bankruptcy planning purposes. Bankruptcy planning is necessarily very circumstance-specific and therefore the reply is only intended to educate. Additionally, the information given in this reply is not meant to be a substitute for legal representation. You should consult with a local attorney regarding your suitability for the information stated herein under your local laws. The Port Law Firm, PA shall not be considered your attorneys until a fully-executed client retainer agreement is executed. Further, any tax consequences that may incur in the implementation of the strategies herein should be reviewed by an independent professional tax advisor. Nothing in this reply should be construed to be any advertisement for legal services directed to a state wherein The Port Law Firm, PA is not admitted to practice. Nothing in this reply is any substitute for the services of a licensed attorney in the relevant jurisdiction. The Port Law Firm, PA does not practice in any jurisdiction unless one of its attorneys has been admitted to practice there, or an attorney of the firm has been properly admitted pro hac vice according to the local court rules of that state.

Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 8/5/2011

Burnham & Associates
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Law Firms can sue on behalf of creditors for debts that are owed.

Answer Applies to: New Hampshire
Replied: 8/5/2011

Answer By David VanDyke
Bird & VanDyke, Inc.
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Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/4/2011

Answer By Glen A. Kurtis
Glen A. Kurtis, P.C.
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Yes, the case can be defended though.

Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 8/4/2011

Bankruptcy Law office of Bill Rubendall
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A law firm can sue you on behalf of a credit card company.

Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/3/2011

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